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Atlantique Telecom Niger (part of Etisalat)

May 2016 to Today
Sales & Distribution Manager
Manage all directs and indirect sales in national wide.

Atlantique Telecom Niger (part of Etisalat)

February 2015 to May 2016
Trade Marketing  Manager
·Collaborates with the Group Trade Marketing and Communication Manager for the ideation,

planning & budgeting, production

and implementation of all in store activities, including point

of sales materials and promotions

·Manages the point of sales material (including budget, logistics, distribution, assortment…)

by finding the most efficient solutions

·Collaborates with sales teams to turn the “selling stories” into sales tools to effectively


·Supports local teams in the execution of the activities and in achieving their sales and

budget objectives, while ensuring the desired product benefits and brand values/equity are

properly communicated

·Supports local teams in the execution of their training programs;

·Ensures efficient spending of central budget

and supervises the trade marketing spending in the subsidiaries

Atlantique Telecom Niger (part of Etisalat)

(March 2013-February 2015)
Géomarketing Manager


•Perform Geo-marketing studies that address challenges in acquiring customers.
•Perform Geo-marketing studies that support increasing long-term value of customers.
•Introduce GIS tools and techniques that improve commercial operational efficiencies.
•Provide Business Support for annual coverage budgets exercise.
•Ensure compliance to license requirements regarding both population and territory covered. Inform management and shareholders on progress and challenges.
•Develop 2G coverage rollout commercial requirements and support rollout execution.
•Develop 3G/EDGE coverage rollout commercial requirements.
•Pass the focus on coverage needs to continue to all levels of the organization. Apply pressure on external entities to facilitate coverage rollout
•Manage handling network coverage complaints (Personal & Corporate). Ensure that coverage complaints are handled efficiently and profitably
•Monitor regional network usage and regional subscriber growth and provide usage/growth forecasts
•Develop Shops and Franchise rollout plan to align outlet locations to customer locations and prospect areas
•Monitor network coverage and QoS to identify competitive weakness and strength areas. Apply those areas to commercial growth plans
•Participate with shareholder entities to develop new product line pilots in the appropriate locations.
CENTUM  LEARNING Africa(A Bharti Associate Company)

February 2012 to March 2013
TEC (Training Effectiveness Consultant) Sales & Distribution
Develop skill sales and distribution
Atlantique Telecom Niger( part of ETISALAT)

(December 2010- February 2012)
Sales & Distribution Developement  Manager
Develop competences of Sales & Distribution Team.
Develop competences on Costumer care.

Atlantique Telecom Niger

(Mars 2010.  09 to December 2010 )
Geomarketing –

Distribution Analysis


Projet   Manager


Ø  Mbanking

Ø  BlackBerry

Ø  EVD (Electronique Voucher Distribution)

Atlantique Telecom Niger

(May.  09 to Mars 2010)
Strategique Product Manager

(Thuraya, Interne:GPRS, Pay Phone.)
Manager all activities related to Thuraya, Internet and Pay Phone in national wide.
Atlantique Telecom Niger

(Feb. 08 to 15 May 09 )
Area Sales Manager

(Directs and Indirects Sales)
Manage all directs and indirects sales in the Region.






British American Tobacco Niger

(July 06 to Nov.  07)
Distribution Manager
Develop, implement and evaluate the National Distribution plan.
Oversee and advise on all distribution activities nationwide.
Train and develop all distribution staff.

British American Tobacco Niger

(Aug 04 to July 06)
Area Trade Marketing & Distribution  Manager
·         Manage the sales team in the East.

·         Manage the sales and distribution in the East.

·         Ensure alignment to the process and budget in the East.
British American Tobacco Niger

(March 01 to  Aug. 04)
Channel Development  Executive

–        Develop innovative way of marketing in the face of diminishing effectiveness of traditional media and restrictive legal environment

–        Analyse consumers behavioural and develop innovative communication concept accordingly.
British American Tobacco Niger

(Aug. 99 to  March 01)
Brand,Conveniences  and Merchandising Executive


·         Manage Points of sales

·         Manage promotions and RCS data base




Professional training
Performance Management for Leaders : Etisalat Academy
BlackBerry workshop:   Atlantiq ue Télécom Abidjan.
FNF : Finances for non financier (06, Accra Ghana).
MXS1:Marketing Excellence Series, Trade Marketing & Distribution (July 2006, Lomé/TOGO)
Cycle planning Meeting                   ( March 2005 BAT Nigeria – Lagos )
Marketing Conference                      ( March 2005 BAT Nigeria – Lagos )
EMF2  : Effective Marketing Focus 2   ( March 2005 BAT Nigeria – Lagos )
MXS intro: Marketing Excellence Series,  (2004, Niamey-Niger)
BES: Brand Edges Series (2004, Niamey-Niger).
SES: Selling Edge Series (2004, Niamey-Niger)
Marketing Conference     Labadi Hotel (May 2004   Accra –Ghana)
HoReCa Experience           (Dec. 2003 TMC Niger)
Dialogue Marketing         (Nov. 2003  BAT Benin)
Performance Appraisal    (Sept. 2003   BAT Benin)
Quality Management       (May 2003 Ouidah  Benin)
Ordering Process  BAT   (April 2003  BAT Benin)
EMF1 : Effective Marketing Focus 1  (Feb. 2003   BAT Benin)
Selling Techniques in the local context (Oct. 2003  Niamey COSEF)
CES : Competitive Edges Series  (July 2001  Hotel Sarakawa Lomé /Togo)
DES : Distribution Edges Series   (November 2001 Hotel Sarakawa Lomé/Togo)
RCS 5 : Retail Classification System 5  (Dec. 2001   Labadi Hotel Accra /Ghana

Distribution WAVE
«   For Airtel sales team. »

TSMS F (Territory Sales Manager Fondation  )
«   For Airtel sales team. »

PSS ( Professional Sales Skiling)
«   For Airtel Sales Managers. »

Up Sales , Up Skiling
«   For Airtel Costumer care team. »

DMXS : Distribution Marketing Excellence Series
« From 27/07 to 31/07/2006 in  Niamey to the distribution team”


DMXS : Distribution Marketing Excellence Series
« from 14/08/2006 to 22/08/2006  in Tahoua  to the distribution team in the up country )


DES : Distribution Edge Series
« From 14/04/2004 to 16/08/2006 in Niamey for the sales team. »

Academic Background
Master in  Marketing & International Trade (in Preparing)


Marketing management
Sales Management

Licence in Sales and Marketing


Marketing management
Sales Management

Master1 in Sales and Marketing


Marketing management
Sales Management

2nd  year of  Sociology
University Abdou Moumouni – Niamey
Mathematics and statistics


(Série A4).





Brevet d’Etude de Premier Cycle

CEG 3   Niamey



Certificat d’Etude du Premier Degrés (CFEPD).


Poudrière 1 Niamey

Products Launch

Launch of Pall Mall  Benin

(Responsible of local drinking establishments « acpetechies »).

Launch of Pall Mall (One of the top 4 brands)

Fada Exploitation


Launch of Pall Mall


(Project Manager)
Launch of Pall Mall (One of the top 4 brands)
Development of innovative marketing concept to exploited the Fada in North Niger in 2004 and in the East in 2005.
Launch of Rothmans Royals

(Responsible of Promotions).
Launch of Rothmans Royals in Niger

French, English, Hausa, Djerma, Fulfulde
World, Excel, Power point, Lotus Notes, Internet, outlook
Driving License                                  Category  B.

Training, Movies, Music, Reading, Football, Scrabble.